As I'm sure many of you have heard already, some people have become outraged at a recent commercial for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It's not because of the violent nature of the video game, though. No, that'd be too easy.

Instead some Mr. Bean look-a-like at named Tim Keown explored the fact that one of the NBA's most recognizable faces, Kobe Bryant, shoots an automatic weapon (unfortunately not at Jimmy Kimmel who also appears in the ad, which you can see below).



Keown, along with inept mothers of the world, are appalled that such a role model would ever appear in a violent ad, and that such an appearance leads to teenage shooting deaths.

Meanwhile, gun enthusiast Gilbert Arenas, doesn't get accused of anything but being an idiot for bringing an actual gun inside a public stadium. After all, simulated guns are more threatening, right?

The problem lies in the fact that parents are always looking for an excuse as to why their children are the way they are. Shouldn't they instead try to shape and mold them into good people.

No, let's blame Kobe.

Let's not blame the parents for letting their child buy a game that right on the cover claims to have extreme violence.

No, let's blame Kobe.

Let's not blame the parents for showing their children the difference between reality and fantasy.

No, let's blame Kobe.

Why? Because it's America. We've found that it's always easier to blame someone or something than to actually admit our deficiencies.

Columbine? Let's blame Marilyn Manson.

Violence in inner cities? Let's blame rappers.

A child's naturally small attention span? Let's create a disease and medicate the kids.

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.  Never has he been accused of or been caught with any actual weapons (unlike this guy, this guy, this guy, and this guytwice).  But, because he decided to wield one in a commercial, he's now a stone-cold killer.

Let's bury the fact that Bryant donated a cool mil to the COD Endowment for returning soldiers like McKeown did in his story.

No, let's just blame Kobe.

Why not explain to your kids that in the COD video games, when you get shot, you die and then come back to life.  Outside of video games, when you get shot, you're done. Game over. No restart button, and even worse, no refund.

But won't this scare children? Yes, reality is scary sometimes. Life isn't always cupcakes and puppies, and it's up to the parents to let their children know this.

Then, maybe the sad cases that were mentioned in Keown's article would've known what dangers a real gun possessed and would've thought twice about playing with one.

But talking to kids can just be so difficult can't it?

Yeah, let's just blame Kobe.