I'm sure many of you have seen or heard of the new Nike commercial featuring LeBron James. In fact, I've written an article on my reaction to the commercial on BleacherReport.com which you can find here.

But what if I were to tell you that James wasn't the only athlete in Miami that released a badass commercial recently.

No, in the wake of next week's debut of Joel Anthony's Starbury commercial, Dwyane Wade released an action-packed commercial for the Jordan brand, depicting the superstar as a superhero.

Although it's really another commercial about LeBron, especially since it opens with comedian Kevin Hart asking Wade "How did you get the king to the royal court?" But this one is a little bit more about the Heat as a whole then it is about "The King".

The cleverness comes in with the three profiles that Wade asks for, The Snake Charmer, The Illusionist, and The Green Gang, obviously talking about Kobe (the Black Mamba), the Magic, and the Celtics.

While alluding a van and a semi with logos of such "old friends" as Wade calls them, he busts into the building where Hart is waiting for him with his #3 Miami Heat jersey.

Wade then claims, "This should be fun."

What a great way to start off an NBA season that has had the greatest preseason hype surrounding it.

The video would actually be a great prelude to the opening game tonight between the aforementioned Heat and Celtics.

I never thought that I'd see the day where commercials have me so amped about something, but Nike and Jordan have done just that. They were so incredible, in fact, that I haven't thought about the real opening night for me (Bulls/Thunder tomorrow night) in last 24 hours.

Here's hoping that this NBA season will be as good as the commercials preceding it, starting with some great match-ups tonight.